What is a Foreign Remittance? and Type Of Foreign Remittances -Inward and Outward Remittances

What is a foreign remittance? A “foreign remittance” is an exchange of cash from a vagrant specialist to their families or different people in their nations of origin. In numerous nations, settlement constitutes a huge part of the GDP. The United States is the main wellspring of remote settlements, trailed by Russia and Saudi Arabia. […]

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Type Of Remittances

Types of Remittances

The remittances can be classified into four types including Family Remittances, Community Remittances, Migrant Worker Remittances, and Social Worker Remittances. Family Remittances: It refers to remittances that are sent by individual immigrants working in foreign locations to their family, relatives or friends in their home country. These remittances are sent every month and they assist […]

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