IDFC Bank Forex Rates (1)

IDFC Bank Forex Rates 02-08-2023

IDFC Bank Forex Rates 02-08-2023

Daily IDFC Bank Forex Rates

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Remittances to India are in the form of money transfers from non-resident Indians (NRIs). Those sending individuals are employed outside the country. They send forex in form of inward remittance to family, friends or relatives residing in India. You may know that India is one of the world’s leading receiver of remittances.

After receiving funds and the SWIFT message mentioning all the mandatory details from the remitting bank, it usually takes 24 to 48 working hours to credit the funds. Sometimes timelines may get impacted in case additional information and documentation is required. GST is applicable with minimum amount being Rs 200 to Rs 250. Most banks allow 9-10 currencies for inward remittances.

Latest Forex Rates : IDFC


What Is Foreign Exchange (Forex)?

Foreign Exchange (forex or FX) is the trading of one currency for another. For example, one can swap the U.S. dollar for the INR.
A foreign exchange rate is the price of the domestic currency stated in terms of another currency. In other words, a foreign exchange rate compares one currency with another to show their relative values. Since standardized currencies around the world float in value with demand, supply, and consumer confidence, their values change relative to each over time. For instance, one US dollar in 2011 was worth about .68 Euros. In 2014, one US dollar is worth .75 Euros. This means the dollar has increased in value over this three-year span, but the Euro is still 25% more valuable

The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world, with trillions of dollars changing hands every day.1 There is no centralized location, rather the forex market is an electronic network of banks, brokers, institutions, and individual traders (mostly trading through brokers or banks).

Explanation of Terms:

T.T. Buying -Rate at which a Foreign Inward Remittance received by Telegraphic Transfer, Foreign DD or Foreign Cheque is converted into Rupees. In respect of Foreign DDs & Cheques, interest/charges at the ruling rate will be deducted towards transit period/collection as per FEDAI guidelines.
T.C. Buying – Rate at which Foreign Currency Traveller’s Cheques are bought from the customer

Currency Buying – Rate at which Foreign Currency Note is bought from the customer.

T.T. Selling – Rate applicable when a customer sends an outward remittance through Telegraphic Transfer or through Issuance of Demand Draft.
T.C. Selling – Rate applicable when a customer buys Foreign Currency Traveller’s Cheques from the Bank. The same will be arranged through TC issuers.
Currency Selling – Rate applicable when a customer buys Foreign Currency notes from the Bank. This is however, subject to availability of currency notes at the Branch concerned.

Note: All Rates Displayed below are directly taking from respective websites of bank, For more exact details, Please contact Concern Bank.

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IDFC Bank Forex Rates

How To Calculate GST on foreign Currency Conversion – Calculate GST on Inward Remittance

Bank Buys Bank Sells Bank Buys Bank Sells
AEDINR 20.85 24.11 20.91 24.06
AUDINR 51.91 56.83 51.37 57.37
CADINR 58.95 65.13 59.26 64.82
CHFINR 90.51 97.81 90.08 98.24
CNHINR 10.4 12.57 10.42 12.56
EURINR 86.58 94.78 86.58 94.78
GBPINR 100.75 110.29 100.75 110.29
HKDINR 9.7 11.47 9.79 11.38
JPYINR 0.5557 0.6022 0.5571 0.6007
NOKINR 7.23 9.01 7.24 9
NZDINR 48.41 52.65 48.03 53.02
SGDINR 59.39 64.1 59.54 63.95
USDINR 79.89 85.27 79.85 85.31
ZARINR 4.12 4.87 4.13 4.87

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