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ICICI Bank Forex Rates 15-7-2020

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CurrencyBank Buying RateBank Selling Rate
 TT Buying rateBills Buying rateCurrency notesTravel cardTravelers chequesTT Selling rateBills Selling rateCurrency notesTravel cardTravelers chequesDemand draft
United States Dollar (USD)73.4773.4772.1273.2473.2477.1877.1878.4276.9976.9976.87
Euro (EUR)83.6583.6582.1983.4783.4788.1588.1588.8887.9587.9587.94
Great Britain Pound (GBP)92.2592.2590.6592.1692.1697.2197.2198.0196.8396.8396.78
Australian Dollar (AUD)51.2951.2949.9051.1151.1154.0754.0754.6854.2654.2654.18
Canadian Dollar (CAD)53.9253.9251.3553.7353.7356.8556.8557.8857.0457.0456.96
Singapore Dollar (SGD)52.7352.7350.7651.5155.6055.6056.9356.7255.60
Japanese Yen (JPY)68.1268.1265.8168.1268.1272.3372.3371.8471.5271.52
U.A.E Dirham (AED)19.3619.3619.0219.4721.6721.6721.8521.54
Swiss Franc (CHF)7878.0074.2977.7282.2382.2382.3682.03
Saudi Riyal (SAR)18.9118.9117.7818.9121.2221.2221.6221.22
Qatari Riyal (QAR)19.2719.2718.1221.8121.8122.21
Swedish Kronor (SEK)7.827.827.828.768.768.76
Danish Kroner (DKK)10.8810.8812.1812.18
Norwegian Kroner (NOK)7.597.598.508.50
New Zealand Dollar(NZD)48.0348.0347.4650.6450.6451.26
Hong Kong Dollar(HKD)
Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)230.96230.96222.05258.63258.63259.98
Thai Baht (THB)
South African Rand (ZAR)
Omani Riyal (OMR)184.44184.44206.87206.87
Russian Rouble (RUB)
Korean Won (KRW)0.05920.05920.06620.0662
Chinese Yuan (CNH)10.1510.1511.3711.37
Poland Zloty (PLN)18.1218.1220.3020.30
Philippine Peso (PHP)    
Bahraini Dinar (BHD)188.57188.57211.12211.12
Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)16.6616.6618.6718.67

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